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How does the process work with Canberra Turnkey Decks?

  1.   You tell us what you would like to achieve, you tell us what type of materials, and design you want and your intended budget.
  2.   We will send you product examples for your consideration.
  3.   We will meet with you onsite for a free onsite design appraisal.
  4.   We will provide a written timeline and price. This will include a summary of any approvals required. This may take up to 14 days. 
  5.   If you give the green light we will send you a contract and commence work.
  6.   You make final payment after walk through and only after you’re totally satisfied.

Please call 1300 979 658 now for your free assessment or complete and online enquiry form or simple email

Do you manage the planning approvals?

Yes. If a project requires building or development approval in the ACT we will manage on your behalf. We might need your assistance with obtaining existing plans and coordinating the approvals with ACTPLA. Irrespective of what extra work is required we are more than prepared to do that and the price is fixed and included in the contract.

The perceived savings of not obtaining approvals for projects that require them, can be devastating in the long term.  Lack of insurance of additions, property sale and transfer issues and non compliance are easily avoided if you allow us to follow-up the process.

Do/Can you use recycled timbers for our deck?

Yes 100%. We can also recycle your current deck timbers if we need to demolish it

What does the word Turnkey mean in Canberra Turnkey Decks?

At Turnkey Decks Canberra, Turnkey means this: ready to use and that our client doesn’t need to do anything except sit back and enjoy the process and the end result- their world class addition to their property.

When we set out to create the business, we had heard stories of decks and projects not completed, not oiled and not approved by others in the industry.

That’s why we chose the name Turnkey – to keep us accountable and to the promise that we have made to our customers, staff and each other.

This was then followed by our workmanship guarantee and unique payment system to make us accountable to create the Turnkey system.

Is Canberra Turnkey Decks fully insured, licence builders and members of the HIA?

Yes to all 3 and we can provide current and relevant up to date documentation to customers. We encourage all consumers to use licenced builders in the ACT. We welcome competition and there are many business in Canberra committed to excellence - if you are going to appoint a builder to undertaken your work please ensure that they are licenced builders and are approved to carry out your works. 

Our current policy number is:  E10000664

Our Builders Licence Number in the ACT: ACT Building Lic: 2012767

Our HIA member number is: 589190

We really want to go with Canberra Turnkey Decks but you are more expensive than the other quotes!

Value is important and so is quality. We genuinely want what is best for our customers and their needs. So if there is a much cheaper quote and you are confident that they are going to build to the same standards and principals as Canberra Turnkey Decks then we fully understand and respect your decision to go with a competitor.

We would ask you to consider if they have included all work required and have itemised all project components.

Will they guarantee that there will not be any nasty surprises when you get the final bill?

Will they treat the timbers when laying the boards and materials to preserve the life of the timbers?

Will they ensure that the project is approved and is compliant?

Will they ensure that you approve the final project before the final 50% invoice is issued?

\Will they use superior products and materials?

Will they provide the phone numbers of their last 25 decking (willing) clients?

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

We have an image of what we want! Can you build it?

If you have found your dream addition: Pergola, deck, patio or outdoor entertaining addition please send us an image, your budget and time frame and we can let you know id believe it is achievable. 

Need inspiration? Check out our free ideas book.

Do you apply treatment to the decking boards when they are laid?

Yes. We believe that it’s critical to treat cut and exposed boards with a product comparable to Organ Oils Wood Guard when the deck is first constructed.
This should also apply in Winter. It is often the case that people build decks and leave them for prolonged periods without treatment. Resulting in their steady degradation. Irrespective of the size of your deck we will always apply a wood treatment when we build.

Where do you work and where are you based?

Canberra Turnkey Decks is based in Canberra, Australia and as a result we focus on work solely in Canberra and the surrounding regions. 

How does payment work?

The method of payment is simple
Step 1: 5% of the value of the new deck project - non-refundable payment - when you make the decision to proceed with the plans and approvals (if required).
Step 2: 45% of the value of the new deck project - payment when the materials arrive at the project site.
Step 3: 50% of the value of the new deck project - payment only made when the customer and the builder have walked through the project together and the customer is 100% satisfied with the finished job.
This is defined in our contract and service guarantee.
Call 1300 979 658 for a free assessment.

What Decking Boards Do You Use?

At Canberra Turnkey Decks we use only Premium Australian Hardwood decking boards.
These boards can come in a variety of thicknesses and widths.
The standard decking board widths are:

-      65mm
-      85mm 90mm
-      135mm
The different types of timber decking boards that Canberra Turnkey Decks provides for customers:

-      Jarrah
-      Ironbark – Red and Grey
-      Slivertop Ash
-      Blackbutt
-      Spotted Gum
We don’t use Merbau or foreign rainforest timbers.
If there is a board that you would like us to build with let us know.

Handrail or Balustrade Options?

Currently we use a wide variety of options and we can create custom handrails designs depending on your needs.

Please find the link to our current handrail options guide:

Email : to find out if we can create it

What about frame and sub frame product options?

Currently we have several sub-frame (this is what is under the decking boards) options: These are:
- Treated pine
- Design pine
- Hardwood timber
- Steel
- Pine with Hardwood facia.
Options for exposed posts are the same as the above sub-frame options.

Do you only build decks?

No is the short answer.  We build great decks, pergolas and nearly any outdoor entertaining structure. Put us to the test. If you have a photo or an image of a structure that you would like to build please email to and we will make contact.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes, as members of the HIA, we use the HIA building contract for all alterations and additions.

What happens if we get plans drawn for our new deck through you but decide to not go ahead with the new project?

You will get to keep your plans and they will be exclusively your property. Taking this into account, we will need to recover our costs and generally an upfront fee of approximately $500 will cover this.

How long will plans take to draw?

Once we have visited the property and taken measurements, it will take approx. 4-5 working days. This occurs when you have either committed to the contract or just to the plans options.
Already having existing plans helps considerably to the process.

What time of the day can we expect to receive an inspection from your customer service consultant?

Monday to Friday 4:00pm to 7:00pm or Saturday morning 8:00am till 1:00pm.
It would help us if you could complete our online client needs analysis (please provide as much details as you can) so we can assist in meeting your needs.
Visit our site or call us now on 1300 979 658 for more information.

Do you use subcontractors on your decking projects?

Generally no. However, if we need to engage a specialist like an electrician or plumber on a project we will. We don't use sub-contractors for any carpentry components of your project; it goes against our philosophy. We believe that a system of using sub-contractors forces craftsman and tradesmen to take shortcuts in pursuit of timelines at the expense of quality and care.
We guarantee that we will finish the job to the highest standard, for a long lasting high quality end product, every time.

Do you have a showroom?

Sorry we don’t. However, if you contact us on 1300 979 658 we can arrange sample boards and a free product catalogue.

Are you locals to Canberra?

Nick and Frank first met playing rugby and packing down scrums for their beloved Western District Rugby Union Club as juniors in the early 1990's.
Both men then went on to play senior rugby together for Wests. Nick pursued a passion for his craft as a carpenter and later became a builder.
Over coffee in early 2012, having not met since the early 2000's they decided to commit to creating a world-class decking business.

Can we provide our own materials and you just build it?

Unfortunately this does not comply with our business model and we can't guarantee that third parties were not involved in providing the materials.
If you are passionate about a certain product please let us work with you to use it if possible.
A split supply model is not viable.

Can you provide numbers and details of past customers and clients?

Yes 100%. We would be more than happy to provide names and numbers of recent, willing customers.

Are you looking for employees?

Yes. We are looking for qualified carpenters who care about customers’ needs and are committed to providing a world -class result for our customers.
We pay above award wages and observe all the conditions of the Building and Construction General On-site Award of 2010 and National Employment Standards. Please email or call if you are interested.

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