Repair and Re-Oil Your Deck

Restore your deck to its former glory. 

Is your deck affected by surface blackening – a "sooty mould" or just looking grey and worn then you may require a deck clean and oil. 

The basic steps with Canberra Turnkey Decks in arranging a clean and oil. 

Step 1: Complete the enquiry form below- if possible take a few photos of the boards and email to

Step 2: If you provide an approximate size of the deck we can provide an indicative price and timeline of the process via email. 

Step 3: If you require an inspection a site inspection fee of $50 will apply, which will later come of the cost of the project cost. 

Step 4: Two visits will generally be required. The first visit to clean and prepare deck. Depending on the condition of the deck we may need to water pressure the surface. In warmer months it will generally take 3-4 days to dry in good condition.

You must allow the wood to totally dry out before applying any Oil.  We will need to test the decking boards. If water beads when water is applied we may need to sand back. 

Step 5: The second visit. We will apply Organoil this should generally happen ideally we would apply the oil between 8:00am and 12:00. The deck must be accessed for at least 4 hours after application. 

We use Organoil exclusivley for the treatment of decking boards. 

Why use Organoil for external timber including decking, joists/bearers, cladding railings/posts, fencing and outdoor furniture? Organoil is a natural product that has Tung and vital plant oils/ectracts impregnated with refined bees max and U-V ray absorbing oxides and UV rated colour enhances; gurading against exposure, timber degradation and wood-rot.

Organoil is suited to the Australian enviroment, is Australian made for Australian conditions and is ideal for the enhancement ad  preservation of Australian hardwood timbers.

We advise that you treat exposed timbers every 12 months. Unexposed timbers should be treated every 24 months.

If you deck requires more than just a clean and oil then we can prepare a provide an inspection and provide a written project estimate. 

Please complete the enquiry form below.